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We know what it’s like, you’ve fallen out of love with your old property and just want to move on. But something is holding you back. It could be that it’s looking past its best and you haven’t the heart or the funds to ‘do it up’ to sell it on. Perhaps you’re in negative equity and/or the valuation of your existing home is just too low for you to make the move. Or maybe it was a buy-to-let and the property is now empty and costing you money to sit there doing nothing. Whatever the reason your property isn’t selling, then Homesmatch can help with our Match2Sell service.

  • We can provide the funds and manpower to upgrade or renovate your property at no upfront cost to you
  • We can match you with buyers wanting upgraded pre-owned homes in your area
  • We can manage the whole process from start to finish
  • We can deal with all sales legalities or work with your existing solicitor
  • We can give you a percentage of any increased value of the property at sale after costs

Read our FAQs to find out more about Homesmatch or visit the seller services page. Alternatively, complete our contact form today to speak to our home matchmaker.



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