Got land and nothing to build?

If you have land to sell, we can help by building a relationship with a new partner.


At Homesmatch, we know that having land to sell doesn’t mean you know what to do with that land. You might want to build some houses, but how can you be sure what type would sell? Who is going to do the building and how do you even get planning permission in the first place? If that’s the case, our Land2Match service could be right up your street (so to speak).

We’ll take care of everything, introducing you to experienced property developers who can build homes that are exactly what are needed by buyers in the local area. How do we do that? By identifying buyers who want to buy new build properties locally, such as housing associations, groups of individuals wanting to buy off plan, individuals wanting to build their own home, or even retailers looking for their next retail abode – and matchmaking them with the developers who we then match with you!

Alternatively, if you’re a builder or property developer and just need help identifying buyers before you start to build, we can help source these people for you.

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