Seller Services

If you are struggling to sell your property, Homesmatch has a number of ways we can help.


Custom renovation services

At Homesmatch, we work with buyers to help match them with their dream home. In some cases, they know exactly the area they want to live in, but can’t find quite the right property. This is because many of those available are in need of upgrading or renovation and don’t match their current needs and lifestyle.

Very often, the sellers can’t afford to do the renovations required to make their property more saleable or simply don’t have the time. That’s where Homematch can help. We have a number of options to help match the buyer to the seller helping you to secure that sale including:

  • Purchasing your property from you at an agreed price.
  • Identifying a buyer, making and paying for all agreed changes and renovations, recouping the cost from the sale of the property and paying you a % share of the increased property price paid by the buyer.
  • Identifying a buyer, agreeing all changes and renovations required with you. We then undertake all the work and then on completion of the sale, you pay us an agreed commission.

Visit our Match2Sell page to read more about our Pre Purchase Renovation Scheme.

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