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If you’re looking for a good investment opportunity, we can match you with new build property developers or introduce you to older properties in need of renovation.



We can introduce interested investors to new build property developers, creating homes for buyers we have matched them with in the local area.

Alternatively, if your tastes run more to something older with a bit of character, we can also find you a decent match! We can provide you with properties in your area that we have renovated or are about to renovate. The benefit of this is, as an investor, you have the freedom to have your say in all changes, renovations and decorations upfront and Homesmatch manage all the work which you only pay for once the finished property is purchased and ready to let.

Homesmatch can provide the funding required for the renovation of properties to your specification and prior to sales completion taking place.  This allows purchasers to then access a mortgage for the full price, including renovations, rather than having to fund the work after purchase.

Funding Investors

We offer investors the opportunity to help fund these renovations on a short term basis, thereby reducing the risk and maximising the return as well as helping buyers find their dream home that’s ready to move into.  At the end of the renovations, investments can be returned with interest or used on another project as often as you like.

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