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We know it can be a problem, you’re in love with a particular area, but just can’t find your perfect home there. Perhaps there are no suitable or affordable brand new homes in your beloved location.  Or you’re looking for an older property with lots of character, but everything you’ve seen needs loads of work or extending to make it your perfect match.  Or, maybe you just want a say in the design, decor or layout of your home before moving in at no upfront cost to you. Then Homesmatch can help with our Match2Buy service.

  • We can work in partnership with local landowners to develop the new build property you’re looking for, designed to your exact needs and specifications. See our Match2Build services.
  • We can provide the funds and manpower to renovate, update and extend pre-loved properties to your specification with no upfront cost to you.
  • We can help with funding for deposits, renovations and decorations.
  • Any property you find can be included in our Pre Purchase Renovation Scheme even if it’s currently not advertised as one. (Read our FAQs for information on the Pre-Purchase Renovation). Start looking for properties below your current budget and need renovations doing, when you find one, contact us and we will see if we can fund those renovations before you buy.

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