Buyer Services

We have a number of ways we can match you with your perfect home.


Custom renovation homes

Very often it’s the potential of an older property that buyers fall in love with, the vision of the dream home it could be once all the work and renovations are complete. But if you haven’t the money to fund the work after purchase, or the cost can’t be included in the original mortgage, then Homesmatch can help. We can fund and undertake all work before you buy, so you can secure a mortgage to cover everything.

Off plan new build homes

If you have your heart set on a new build home, but can’t find one in the right area, at the right price, size or layout, Homesmatch can help. We can access sites, across the country that can be developed to meet local demand, this service gives you the opportunity to tell us what you want and where – and we will do the rest.

Future home purchase scheme

If you’d love to buy a property in the future, but are a little unsure of how to go about things, Homematch can help. By working with you to figure out what you could afford, how much deposit you’ll need and any additional costs. We’ll also help you identify how much mortgage you could access, what your monthly costs would be, and help to find relevant properties that can be made available when you are ready to buy.

Matched2you service

If, as a homebuyer, you can see nothing here to match your current or future needs then, you guessed it, Homesmatch can still help! We can tailor our services to suit you and your unique circumstances and requirements.  Please complete the contact form and we’ll get in touch with clever ways to match you with your dream home.

What does it cost?

Homesmatch services don’t cost you a penny until you have actually bought your dream property.  Our costs will be added to the property purchase price and professional/solicitors fees, so the price you pay will be similar to the price of buying a property in the normal way. You will be advised of all costs before you go ahead with a purchase.*

*  If you choose to use your own solicitor/professional services, a small charge will be made by Homesmatch., which you will be informed of  prior to buying the property we identify for you.

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