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At Homesmatch we do things differently. We’re not an estate agent, developer, mortgage provider, grant giver, landowner, property investor or builder.

We are a matchmaker.

One that matches present or future homebuyers with one or all of those organisations, helping them buy their ideal match of a home. No matter whether you’re looking to buy your first home or your twenty-fifth. No matter if your budget is £60,000 or £600,000. No matter if you have a substantial deposit or none at all. And, if you have an existing property that just isn’t shifting, we can help with that, too.

We believe that, whether they are a new build or older properties, they can be renovated or designed to meet the needs of the buyer before the sale is completed.

We deal with pre-purchase renovations, at no upfront cost to the buyer. We organise off-plan custom building, where we match buyers with landowners and/ or developers who build properties to a customer’s exact specifications. We manage all of this, taking the hassle away from you.

The cost to you? Not a penny until your property is purchased and, even then, in the majority of cases, the costs will be included as part of the purchasing price*. You and Homesmatch – now that’s what you call a match made in heaven!

*  If you choose to use your own solicitor/professional services, a small charge will be made by Homesmatch.,which you will be informed of  prior to buying the property we identify for you.

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